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Held at a range of locations across Yorkshire & covering a range of different subjects & disciplines, our photography workshops have been designed to cater for photographers at all levels of skills and abilities.

A typical workshop will begin with an introductory briefing at the chosen start point where an opportunity will be provided for you to ask any questions before heading to the first location.

Once at the location of choice, participants will be provided with the opportunity to set up their equipment before the workshop begins. At this point, your workshop guide will answer any questions, assist with camera settings & composition & advise on technique where appropriate.

Depending on the location of the workshop, there is often an opportunity to fine-tune your skills & techniques across multiple disciplines as the workshop moves between locations.

Each workshop will be guided by experienced photographers to offer the client the highest quality of guidance and tuition.

At the end of the workshop,  all participants will be encouraged to debrief and share feedback on things they have learned and enjoyed during the session.

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Fitness & Mobility

Workshops often require participants to walk distances over rough, undulating & uneven terrain.


Participants may need to bend down, crouch or kneel for some workshops.


It is essential that participants can move over different terrains without assistance.

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