St Wilfrid's Procession

I have been involved with and a serving committee member on the St Wilfrid's Procession Committee since being approached and invited to join in March 2019. In September 2021, I was elected by the committee to take over the marketing and communications role for the foreseeable future and to design and ultimately develop an entirely bespoke website for the procession to increase the event's online presence.


Additional Notes

My role with the procession committee is 100% voluntary & all of the work showcased in this portfolio has been completed in my spare time alongside other jobs.


Studio Colson -Advertising Design - framed - Ben Colson - WEB
Mac St Wilfrids - Studio Colson Home Small

Development of bespoke website

The website was developed across January & February 2022 and finally became live in April 2022 following the implementation and testing of bespoke features such as the in-built email system that sends any contact form submissions to the relevant email address depending on the subject line and page.

Designed to be easy to use and edit for future committee members who may join the marketing team, the website launch has been a huge success with increasing amounts of traffic accessing the site to download the entry pack and learn how to design and create the ultimate float.

Social Media Campaign

In addition to the website, I have been responsible for designing, creating & implementing the corresponding Social Media campaign with branded content scheduled to post at least twice a week until the date of the procession, from where posts will continue but in a more limited capacity until the build-up for 2023's event.

Studio Colson -Social Media Graphics - Ben Colson - WEB
Chat & Chips Social
Ripon Lions Photo Square
St Wilfs Promotion Square
COVID-19 Square
Random Photo Square 9
Studio Colson -Advertising Design - framed - Ben Colson - WEB

Physical Campaign

The biggest challenge, however, has been the design of branded posters, the official entry pack, banners, booklets, and other collateral to market the procession and reflect our extremely generous sponsors.

St Wilfrid's Procession - Official Pass mockup WEB
St Wilfrid's Procession Booklet Advertisment